Shopify Meetup #11 -1

Berlin Shopify Meetup #11 - Date: June 5, 2019 - Location: Deutsche Post Besucherzentrum 



Impressions from the meetup

Despite the heat of 33 degrees outside (and probably even more inside), we were happy to welcome around 90 Shopify merchants, partners and soon to be merchants at our Shopify Meetup that has been taking place now for the 11th time since its start in 2017.


While at the last Shopify Meetups we always had merchants as guests speaking, we slightly changed the format this time: We had our guests speak about specific challenges they encountered and share with us their approach on how to solve it and what tools and techniques they used. This way we hoped to create more insights and take-aways for everybody. And the feedback we received seems that we are on the right track.

Kati from Ooshi shared with us how her co-founder and her use Shopify in order to handle rapid growth and the high increase in demand and with it the need of pre-order and split orders. In particular, she presented three Shopify apps that have helped them along the way: Metafields Master App, "Return Magic" for returns and exchanges and "Discounted Pricing" for volume discounts.

Matthias from Generation Yes showed us how they use Augmented Reality on Shopify through 3D Modeling and the self created PottAR app to mix reality with the digital world in order to highlight their video content even more. Save the date & join the group!

Special Announcement:

What are the bad things about a meetup? It is only taking place in one city attracting merchants from that city. It is also only 2h, very short and gives limited space for networking and knowledge exchange.

Therefore on August 22, 2019 for the first time, a DACH-wide Shopify conference for Shopify merchants will take place. In Berlin. 500 merchants. 1 day. Inspiration. Talks. Meeting experts. Workshops. Afterparty.

The mit2019 - merchant. inspiration. talks.

The 1-day conference for Shopify merchants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


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