Name: Glynn & Stephanos


What is your favorite app / tool on Shopify?

We’re having a small love affair with the Stamped.Io App on Shopify.  Our reviews for ShaktiMat have become our biggest asset, we get (almost) daily 5 star reviews in Germany, with customers sometimes writing long paragraphs about how the mat has helped them.  This little App collects all our reviews and neatly displays them on one page of our site, so we’re over the moon with this App.

What was the reason that you decided to start your own shop?

Before being digital nomads, we were actual nomads.  We traveled for 4 years with just a backpack as a home.  On the way, we discovered the ShaktiMat. At first, the idea was just to sell them at markets in Berlin, but then it kinda grew …

What was your best moment as a Shopify merchant so far?

We invested all our money in buying 2000 stock in our first months and soon wondered if we’d made a huge mistake.  Seeing all this stock sell in 15 days in December was a huge thrill, it's when we realized we were onto something.

What has been your most difficult moment as a Shopify merchant so far?

Most definitely the most difficult thing has been building a business in a language we don't speak.   What were we thinking ??

If you could change one thing about Shopify, what would it be?

We have to say that Customer Service from Shopify is impeccable, its the best we’ve ever come across, so we’re pretty happy with Shopify all round.  It would be great to speed up the access to some of the assets available in the US/Canada but not currently available in Germany such as POS, PayPal Plus, the buy button on Pinterest etc.

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